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cw_blaise's Journal

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Full Name: Blaise Zabini
Player: Jason
House: Slytherin
Year Level: Graduated Hogwarts, junior Aruor (that's not publically know)
Pets (if any): Colin? he he
Physical Description: average height, short brown hair, smiles alot. Male verson has spiky black hair, is sightly taller than the girl form. Unless she's in another form, then anything goes.
Personality: More friendly than the aveage Slytherin. Very protective of her friends. Holds secerets from those that don't need to know.
Bloodline: Pureblood
Background / Family History: Father is a Death Eater (unconfirmed), mother is a Death Eater's wife. She has left them after becoming of age and is now living with Colin in his parent's old house .
Interests / Hobbies: Magical study, travel, survival
Strengths and weaknesses: Amazing at Transfiguration, good at Charms, failed to become an Animagus. Ok flyer, pretty good at defensive and offensive magics and hexes.